Burial Options

Traditional in-ground burial at Evergreen consists of these five components:

  1. Gravesite:The space selected in one of our gardens
  2. Opening-and-Closing:Preparation of gravesite for burial service that consists of ground opening, closing (back-filling), and landscaping (to restore gravesite’s appearance).
  3. Casket:Displays and contains the deceased, either for burial or cremation.
  4. Vault:An enclosure that serves as the casket’s protective lining and provides safe, sure footing for your loved ones.
  5. Memorial:Evergreen offers both Flat bronze markers  and upright granite monuments.


For cremation Evergreen offers selections in:

  1. Ground burial sections in out Flat Bronze and Upright monument sections
  2. Burial in the Rose Garden at Evergreen and the Creekside Garden
  3. Placement of urn in our Niches located in our Rose Garden Columbarium and the Chapel Mausoleum

Mausoleum Crypts

Evergreens Chapel Mausoleum, Serenity offers both interior and exterior, side by side crypts and end to end crypts.

Green Burial

Evergreen is pleased to announce that we now offer a Green Burial Section.  A more environmentally friendly way to bury your loved ones.

  1. Has a Minimal environmental impact
  2. Conserves natural resources
  3. Foregoes embalming
  4. Doesn’t require a burial vault
  5. Use of biodegradable burial containers

Private Gardens

Evergreen a Quiet Place has gardens available for planning and designing of private family gardens, these gardens can consist of private mausoleums, ground burial, private cremations niches and columbariums.